Vision Inspection

With the introduction of smart cameras in the 1980’s, vision systems have reached widespread use in the food, packaging and pharmaceutical industries as a means to inspect print, label and package integrity. Our easy-to-use machine vision systems perform accurate label and package quality inspections on plastic containers, glass bottles, jars, screw or snap-on caps, flat packages, cartons and pill packs. Requiring minimal line space and modifications, vision systems are easy to install and can operate at speeds up to 2,000 packager per minute.

Vision Inspection Applications

Label Check Visions Systems image

Label Check Visions Systems

Label inspection systems use a combination of graphical and print identification tools, including label ID verification, to spot a mislabeled product and remove it from the production line. In addition, our vision systems can verify that labels are correctly applied to the packaging surface, absent of any wrinkles, flagged edges or tear to ensure perfect product presentation.

Code Reading Vision Systems image

Code Reading Vision Systems

Code reading systems provide automated in-line inspection of alphanumeric, 1D and 2D datamatrix, and QR codes on product packaging surfaces and labels. Using optical character recognition and verification, our smart cameras can also ensure the accuracy of different codes, including dot matrix fonts.

Serialization/Track & Trace Vision Systems image

Serialization/Track & Trace Vision Systems

Our track and trace systems provide turn key, automated solutions for marking, verifying and recording of serialized information. Serialization is most often seen in the pharmaceutical industry to comply with regulations. Vision systems, combined with aggregation and software tools, can be used for any industry including cosmetics and high value product.

Cap, Seal, and Fill Level Vision Systems image

Cap, Seal, and Fill Level Vision Systems

Vision systems can also be used to inspect, cap presence/cocked cap, as well as tamper band integrity. Our robust software allows us to teach the vision system to identify good product and packaging with proper cap and seal placement, and visually identify subtle differences in position to detect and reject instances of packaging failure.

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