Rotary Pouching

Food & Sauce Sachet Packaging Machines

Unlike horizontal vertical form fill and seal machinery that utilizes roll stock film to create pouches, our rotary pouching machines feed pre-made pouches into a rotary machine that opens, fills, and seals them in an automated fashion. With speeds up to 100 ppm, rotary pouchers offers a convenient way to pouch liquids, granular and solids, and also powders without having to worry about roll stock.

Rotary Pouching Applications

Stand Up image

Stand Up

Sealed stand up packaging that is made to hang on the aisle of places like grocery stores. The top to ensure the safe closing of materials while the hole keeps it secured while hanging in the aisle. Perfect way to show your brand in the grocery aisle.

Stand Up Zipper image

Stand Up Zipper

Stand Up Zipper is very similar to the Stand Up packaging but it provides a zipper for reusing purposes. This is great to keep things fresh.

Flat Sachet image

Flat Sachet

A Flat Schet package is great for samples and promotional campaigns. It is a flatten package with an easy-to-tear opening.

Top Valve image

Top Valve

The Top Valve Pouch is a creative packaging that allows you to open it like a soda bottle. You are able to close it back up to prevent food or liquids from going bad. It is used for materials like children’s soft food.

Euro Hole image

Euro Hole

The Euro Hole Packaging is perfect to secure your brand in the grocery aisle. The hole is placed on shelving hooks and is easily accessible.

Gusset image


Gusset pouches are perfect for safely securing materials inside. You will see them used for smaller things such as nuts. Gusset Pouches are safely sealed and protective pouches that assist in extending the shelf life of the materials filled inside of it. They are also popular for packaging coffees and teas.

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