HFFS Pouching

Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machines

Horizontal form fill and seal packaging machines handle the process the of forming, filling and sealing a pouch from a roll of film which is fed horizontally through a synchronized pouching system. With an efficient footprint, stainless steel construction, and automatic film splicers, HHFS systems are a cost efficient automated solution to to producing pouches at high throughputs. HFFS systems can package a wide range of range of products in flat three or four-sided seal sachets, including stand-up pouches with re-closable zipper or caps.

HFFS Pouching Applications

Stand Up image

Stand Up

An easy standing-up pouch that is sealed at the top to ensure the safe closing of materials. This is a good way to show off your brand in the grocery aisle because it will stay presented upward.

Stand Up Zipper image

Stand Up Zipper

An easy standing up pouch that is sealed at the top to ensure the safe closing of materials while also providing a zipper to assist in closing after the pouch is opened.

Flat Sachet image

Flat Sachet

A Flat Sachet pouch is a small, flatter pouch that has an “easy-to-remove” flap to tear off on the top to access the material. This pouch is mostly used for samples and promotional campaigns.

Top Valve image

Top Valve

The Top Valve pouch is used to create a soft opening for materials like children’s soft food or liquid material that can easily be closed.

Corner Valve image

Corner Valve

The Corner Valve Pouch is similar to the Top Valve Pouch except it is on the corner. It is used for similar things. The Corner Valve provides easy access for applications.

Eurohole Pouch image

Eurohole Pouch

An Eurohole Pouch is similar to the Stand Up Pouch but it has a small-sized hole placed on top of it. The hole is a critical characteristic in order to hold the pouch on hangers for shelving.

Gusset image


Gusset pouches are safely sealed and protected pouches that assist in extending the shelf life of the materials filled inside of it. This pouch is perfect for securing small things like nuts and smaller packaging items. They are also popular for packaging coffees and teas.

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