Cartoning Automation

Horizontal and Top Load Cartoners

An automated cartoner machine is a packaging machine that forms cartons from a carton board blank. Typically divided into two types horizontal and vertical or top load, cartoners erect, fill, close, and seal blanks to create a primary or secondary package. With a modular design, user friendly controls, and quick changeover components, our cartoners are designed to run at high speeds (up 1,000 cpm) with little to no downtime.

Cartoning Automation Applications

Top Load Cartoner image

Top Load Cartoner

A top load or vertical cartoner loads products from the top, with cartons being fed through in a vertical position. Vertical cartoning machines are typically used for packaging bulk products that free flow by gravity, usually sold by weight or volume. Examples include rice, dry pasta, candy, gum, and pet food.

Horizontal Cartoner image

Horizontal Cartoner

A horizontal cartoner loads product from the side. These cartoners can operate in continuous or intermittent motion. Horizontal cartoning machines are commonly used in the packaging of food products such as pizzas and cakes, vacuum-packed rice or coffee, cereals, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, and writing products

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