VFFS Bagging

Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machines

Vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) bagger machines are used in a almost every industry to efficiently and economically package a variety of foods and substances. With a small footprint that conserves floor space, VFFS machines can produce a handful of different bag types, including gusseted, block bottoms, and stand up pouches, at speed up to 200 bags per minute. The essence of VFFS machines are simple: they start with a roll of film, form it in a bag shape, fill the bag with product and seal the bag all in a matter of a few seconds.

VFFS Bagging Applications

Pillow Bag image

Pillow Bag

Doy Bag image

Doy Bag

Block Bottom image

Block Bottom

Corner Seal image

Corner Seal

Zipper image


Carry Handle image

Carry Handle

Euro Hole image

Euro Hole

Ultrasonic Seal image

Ultrasonic Seal

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