Metal Detection

The need for inline metal detection systems in the food and pharmaceutical industry is recognized by most manufacturers and processors as an essential area for focus in any efficient quality regime. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, driven by ever-changing customer needs, tightening of industry standards and the growth of regulatory and legislative bodies, the importance of effective metal detection has been escalated in recent years. An effective metal detection program can provide protection against product failure and recalls, help to maintain hard fought supplier certification status and reduce overall operating costs. The program can also support the ability to prove that reasonable precautions and due diligence have been applied in the manufacturing process in the event of a legal claim situation.

Metal Detection Applications

Rectangular Apertures Detectors image

Rectangular Apertures Detectors

When integrated with conveyors and reject systems, rectangular metal detectors provide in-line fully automated product inspection for a wide range of applications

Pipeline Metal Detectors image

Pipeline Metal Detectors

Pipeline metal detector systems detect and eliminate metal contaminants in pumped liquid, paste, slurry and vacuum-packed product applications.

Gravity Fall Detectors Safeline image

Gravity Fall Detectors Safeline

Gravity Fall metal detector systems inspect bulk, free falling fine powdered and granular products in non-pressurized applications

Vertical Throat Metal Detectors image

Vertical Throat Metal Detectors

Throat-style metal detector that can be integrated in Vertical Form, Fill and Seal processes to inspect free-falling product in-flight

Pharma and Tablex Detectors image

Pharma and Tablex Detectors

Fully integrated pharmaceutical metal detector solutions for inspection of tablets, capsules, powders and granules.

Metal Detectors for Food Packaging

Metal detectors for food processing can inspect products in all formats, from packaged conveyorised food products and bulk powder or granular materials through to liquids, pastes and slurries. Installing a metal detection system can help food manufacturers achieve compliance with the following Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) based Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognised standards, which include but are not limited to: the BRC, IFS, FSSC, and SQF.

Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors

Pharmaceutical metal detectors provide self-contained inspection systems for use with all tablets, capsules and pharmaceutical and can also help pharmaceutical manufacturers comply with Good Manufacturing Practice, especially 21 CFR Parts 210 and 211, GAMP and 21 CFR Part 11, which are enforced by the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) in Europe and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US.

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