Inline Checkweighing Systems

A checkweigher is a high-precision package weight measuring instrument designed to check the weight of individual products in an automated fashion. Checkweighers are predominantly used as part of a manufacturing quality control program. Weighing results are required to ensure that manufacturing sites comply with local packaging laws and regulations during production. Industrial checkweighers can be highly customized and built to suit your specific applications and environment, as well as your regulatory and industry requirements. With a wide range of sizes and configurations available to handle nearly any container type or package design, our checkweigher solutions ensure accurate product delivery and consistent weighing, even at high throughput rates.



Checkweighing Applications

Packaged Food Product image

Packaged Food Product

Checkweighing packaged product is highly customizable based on the unique characteristics of the package and production environment. A checkweigher can be built with washdown construction for wet environments and also many different product handling variants to ensure seamless product flow. Running at throughputs up to 300 ppm, it is not uncommon to achieve within a gram of accuracy for packages up to 10 kilograms

Pharmaceutical image


With tighter production tolerances and cost pressures, pharma manufacturers utilise checkweigher to ensure the safety, completeness, and correct weight of products in an automated fashion. Our dynamic checkweighing, serialization and end-of-line solutions ensure what is most important to your business – pharmaceutical process safety, transparency and fulfillment of cGMP requirements. Manufacturers can be sure that they are offering products which fully comply with cGMPs and regulations worldwide Our modular checkweighing design allows printing, optical verification and tamper evident labeling equipment to be integrated into a compact checkweigher/serialization solution.

Beverages & Bottles image

Beverages & Bottles

Our beverage and bottle checkweighers are ideal for round containers such as cans and bottles, using a patented technology that eliminates timing screws allowing seam-to-seam weighing. With weighing speed up to 800 ppm, our checkweighing systems includes a patented chain transport system with integrated timing, spacing, weighing, and discharge sections combined with a user friendly HMI.

Case Scales image

Case Scales

High-load checkweighers, CaseWeighers and Cargo systems are suitable for those applications where heavier loads need to be weighed (covering a weight range up to 120 kg) with maximum precision. Our high-load checkweighers are part of a flexible product line specifically designed for the fast and reliable transmission of product data, using a range of standard connection ports, including RS232, Ethernet and Profibus. Typical applications for these products include checkweighing of large packages on a production line, end-of-line completeness checking of multipacks, plus the weight capture and volume measurement of parcels and pallets in logistics operations.

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