Case Packing Automation

Side Load and Top Load Case Packer Equipment

As a natural extension to our equipment solutions, we offer turnkey case packing solutions that provide flexible collation systems and high speed product handling. All case formats are supported: side-load, top and bottom load and wrap-around. With speeds up to 10 cases per minute, we maximize our customer’s performance and ROI by utilizing the latest technology to erect, pack and seal cases. Whether it’s pre-stacking case conveyors, manual or robotic loading, tape or glue closing, our case packers are modular with user-friendly HMI interfaces and small overall footprints.

Case Packing Automation Applications

Top Load Case Packer image

Top Load Case Packer

Top load case packers typically pack product through the top of an RSC, wraparound, or harness style case. With speeds up to 20 cases per minute, top load case packers are mostly used for bottles, pouches, and various boxed products. Depending on the application, our case packers can accommodate both robotic and non-robotic pick-and-place systems. Bottom load packers are recommended for the larger products such as outdoor grills. They are used when the primary product needs to be handled carefully, as the case is pushed over the product.

Side Load Case Packer image

Side Load Case Packer

Side Load Case packers typically collate product and then move the grouped product horizontally into an open case, which sits on its side. With speeds up to 30 cases per minute, side load case packers are often used for rigid products, like cartons or carton bundles that can be easily stacked and pushed. Models are available with pre stacking case conveyors, tape and glue closing, user-friendly HMI operator interface and small overall footprints

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