Optical Sorter Inspection

Optical sorting is essential in any bulk food processing operation. It sorts grain, food and plastic, helping you meet food safety requirements and achieve a purer product quality. Our sorting equipment uses a range of technologies including cameras, lighting and machine learning software. It removes product defects and foreign materials by color, shape and texture. With an extensive range of models and configurations, we can provide a optical sorting solution based on your budget, capacity and the product quality you need to achieve. Optical sorters allow manufacturers to maximize revenue streams by providing an inline, automated solution that consistently deliver clean product.

Optical Sorter Inspection Applications

Coffee, Grains, Nuts & Plastic Optical Sorting image

Coffee, Grains, Nuts & Plastic Optical Sorting

Coffee, Grain, Nuts and Plastics sorters detects light or dark color defects and foreign materials. Our systems are available in up to 5 chutes and with sorting throughput up to 14 tons per hour.

Frozen Fruit & Vegetable Optical Sorting image

Frozen Fruit & Vegetable Optical Sorting

Frozen fruit and vegetable optical sorter removes color defects, extraneous vegetable matter, and foreign materials in throughputs of up to 20 t/h. Our most hygienic sorting platform, it is FDA-approved for complete wash-down to maximize food safety.

Rice Optical Sorting image

Rice Optical Sorting

Our rice sorter is designed to meet all domestic and export quality standards, and suitable for sorting a wide breadth of rice varieties. By removing any defective kernels and foreign matter, including plastic, glass, stones, paddy and foreign seeds, we are able to provide a turn key sorting system that reliably inspects and rejects product day in and day out.

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